Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Find a job with ZERO effort... (originally posted on the UMaine Career Center website)

Find a job with ZERO effort

By Sam Kunz
Career Counselor

Catchy title. Too bad it can’t happen.
Then again, maybe it’s not.
Don’t we all want to be hired because we have worked hard building skills and accumulating relevant experiences that make us the most desirable candidate for the position?
Don’t we all want to work for an employer who values the hard work we’ve put into building our credentials, developing professionally, and honing our talents? Not to mention the effort we put into our application process, our materials, preparation for the interview, even the professional way we present ourselves.
Don’t we want to be appreciated for having drive.
Sounds pretty good. Also sounds pretty reasonable. The trick to making these things reality is twofold. First become that kind of persona that has all of these skills. Secondly, do your research and find the companies, businesses, and employers that share you values; that appreciate all that you have done.
Of course nothing is for certain. Despite all your hard work, preparation, and research, you still might not get the job. But never, ever, ever make it easy for them to say “no.”
If you are looking for a meaningful career in an environment where you are truly valued, zero effort simply is not an option.
Keep the Career Center in mind when you are preparing for a job search or applying for a position.

In Spurts and Starts...

That most definitely is my style of blogging.  As most of us do in most of our endeavors, sometimes our dedication fades as other things take precedence in our busy lives.  Such is the case with this blog that I started several years ago.  It came about at a time when I was in many ways finding myself. my path. or whatever the hell IT is.  It was, and still is, an outlet for creativity and thought, humor and perspective... it still is my blog albeit a long neglected one.

Life has certainly moved along while I was busy ignoring this site.  I finished a masters degree, found a new career, and most brilliantly became a father.  Talk about perspective.  Needless to say it has been wonderful and busy.  But all of these things have contributed to my evolution as a person, husband, father, son, brother, colleague, creative, and over-all a free spirit.  I have found time to write in my preferred "blog-voice" as at first an intern, and now a professional career counselor.  It is what happens when engaged supervisors and management recognize that rare combination of talent, skills, and passion, and simply say "Here is the ball. Now run with it."  Now that is my style of management.

It has allowed me to create several blogs for the career center at the University of Maine.  I will repost a few of them here, for your enjoyment.  And I will still find time to create original posts for this website.  As this progresses, I hope this is fun and perhaps even a little insightful.

Thanks for sticking around....


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot stuff...

...and we're talking about the weather. Granted Maine is just now catching some of the crazy heat that has been cooking the rest of the nation, but hey, we're suffering too. And also consider the fact that we all chose to live in a state with a ridiculous winter so we could enjoy a beautiful and comfortable summer. I know, I know... things are tough all over... and I'm really just blowing off a little, well, steam.

It's been a long, long time since I've blogged and no one has complained. That noted, I'm still going to write because, dammit, I'm a writer and that's what we do. I hadn't really considered myself a writer in a long time... but today I had a very short, yet very real and genuine e-mail exchange with C. M. Mayo and it reminded me that a writer is precisely what I am. Everything else...? Just details. So the good news for all you devoted souls who have been waiting since late last December... once again I'm back. This time aware of and committed to what I really am.

In the meantime, I'd give my left...um... kidney for an air conditioner.

Keep cool...

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Here we are again...

...the night before my birthday.  Forty-three is knocking on the door and I can't wait.  Of course last year will be a hard act to follow... a beautiful wedding, a new job, and after copious amounts of turmeric and prayers, my family is pretty much cancer free...   That's a good year.  Look it up.

But what about this coming year?  All I can say is that from where I'm sitting, life is pretty incredible and I'm a lucky man.

But forty-three...???  I'm finally developing my credo for life... and like life it will be a work in progress. It will gradually be presented over the course of this year... and to get it down in cyber-ink, I'm going to post to this blog everyday... starting today.  For at least a year.  Now this is no Julia and Julia thing... this is just me writing everyday.  For me.  And for you... the reader... whoever you are.  I'll be posting some thoughts of food and health.... recipes... nutritional thoughts and ideas... I'll tell some stories when appropriate, and more than likely when not appropriate too.  Who knows, but I hope it will be entertaining and maybe even useful on occassion.

So here's a start for the big 4-3...

-a moleskine notebook, a box of Blackwing Palomino pencils, and a little imagination will beat an iPad anyday.
-a glass of red wine everyday is good for you.  I'm going to try to do that everyday too.
-Parmigiano-reggiano, the real stuff, is worth every dime they charge for it.
-Le Creuset is worth every dime you pay for it too... ESPECIALLY if your brother paid all those dimes last year for your birthday.  Thanks Ben.  Still using it.  Still loving it!
-Dogs, no matter how wonderful they are, don't live forever.  Love them everyday.  The same goes for people.
-Jingle Jammies from Old Navy just might be dollar for dollar the most Christmas Joy you can fit under the tree.  At least they might be for Cami.
-My mom rocks.  When she found out that Cami's Christmas stocking was from CVS, she made a new one for her that matches the one she made for me 43 years ago.  Like I said, she rocks.
-Cooking your own food is cheaper and better for you.
-two glasses of red wine a day sometimes is a good thing too.
-I'm the luckiest man-man-man-on the face-face-face-of the earth-earth-earth.
-Dom Perignon and Doritos Pizza from Pat's compliment each other perfectly.

Enough.  40 minutes to go.

It's gonna be a terrific year...!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Pretty amazing town....
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Saturday, September 25, 2010


Nothing like travel to build your appreciation for home. And nothing like travel, again, to make you feel a granola bar is a healthy lunch. It certainly is more affordable than the options presented at the many kiosks here. I saw a turkey sandwich for $8.99 in a cooler. Granted it looked pretty fresh... especially next to my Kashi bar.... but the Kashi bar, packed by my lovely wife, won. Kind of feel as though I won too.

In any case I am en route to Chicago to spend a month recruiting studnets for U Maine. I love this job, but I hate being away from Cami for a night, let alone all of October. But every job has its ups and downas and every career has dues you just need to pay. I'm paying my dues... and hopefully helping out some kids. And I know I am helping out the granola bar industry....! In the meantime I'm waiting for my flight... and missing home, maybe more than a little.

Be good, people... and be good people....
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Friday, September 24, 2010

testing on the travel blogging front....

Soon I will be on the road.... let's see how the blogging works with the Droid. So far, so good.... but it will be a long month in Chicago. Will miss Cami and Mucho terribly...but we all know (well maybe Mucho doesn't) that this is a great job... and Chicago, that toddlin' town, is a fine city. Here's to the bright side!

Details to follow.... will have plenty of time.

Be good people.
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